Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy GBBD May 2011

The last several days have been a joy in my garden to walk around and enjoy the latest blooms and bursts of emerging color. On this May Garden Bloggers Bloom Day I thought I would share a few images. This image is of my 'Bloodgood' Japanese Maple dripping with rain. The leaves are so tender and flaming red. They don't stand a chance in our windy dry summer climate. In no time they will be a little frayed around the edges.

Coral Bells and a reddish pink creeping phlox nestle below the Japanese Maple.

My tulips are just about past their peak of beauty, so I shot a few images of them before they were gone for another year. This variety is 'Pink Impression.'

This beauty is either 'Apricot Impression' or 'Salmon Impression.' I'm not exactly sure because they came as a mix.

This area is my front garden. It is beginning to fill in quite nicely and soon the bare spots will be covered with vegetation.

This area is on the south side of my driveway. My husband and son just cut back the encroaching grass last weekend, so now I can add a few more plants to fill the area with color and texture.

In my fountain garden, lavender-colored creeping phlox spills over the beds and is so beautiful this time of year.

In my backyard, the white candytuft really adds brightness to the bed. The red and purple tulip "lipstick" blend and chartreuse green spirea give this bed a pop of color. Stella Del Oro daylilies in the background have not made their debut yet.

This is the backside of the tulips looking toward the street. Everytime I look out my front window, I smile.

The 'Stawberries and Cream' variegated grass is beginning to emerge and will be a couple feet taller by the end of summer.

Hot pink creeping phlox

I believe this is Dolce 'Peach Melba' heuchera. I have vowed to keep better track of the variety of plants I plant. The tag is somewhere in my house. Can anyone relate with me?


  1. Your tulips are simply stunning! Happy GBBD.

  2. Your garden looks beautiful Ramona! Seeing your gorgeous 'Bloodgood' JM made me sad ~ I bought one last year, never found a spot to plant it (so it stayed in the container all winter) and now looks utterly dead. I think I messed up big time. Now I know where to enjoy one tho and I won't make that mistake again!

    I used to lose plant tags all the time, now I keep them in a container in my garage. It's so full tho it takes forever to go thru to find what I'm looking for so maybe it's easier to just forget?? That's what I'm thinking lately...

  3. Ramona, The color combination of plants in the bed under your Japanese maple is stunning. Your gardens are so neat, organized, and well planned. Beautiful. Carolyn

  4. Beautiful post...all the Heuchera are looking stunning...that Maple is so lovely!

  5. Christine, thanks for the complement.

    Kathleen, I have overwintered plants in pots before, and you're right, sometimes they don't do so well.

    Carolyn, thank you for the garden design encouragment. It means a lot coming from you.

  6. Ramona, your yard is looking gorgeous! so much happy color and it! I can totally relate, I have to start keeping better track of all those plants in my yard, thank goodness for google when trying to figure out what I have. My last post had a "um, whats that plant called again?"! I am so bad at remember their names! Loving your blog =)

  7. Beautiful Ramona...I agree, your garden is beautifully designed and it was a treat to see it in its spring glory!

  8. Ramona,

    You have a lot blooming right now! I love all of your tulips... the orange, pink, salmon combine so well together. Great shot of your maple leaves also!

    I agree with Carolyn.... you are a great gardener! I love the photo of the front of your home with the reds & pinks. Your house must shine in your neighborhood :)

    Thanks for all of your sweet comments at WMG & for reading along!

  9. Scott, I'm a little partial to my Japanese Maple. Glad you enjoyed it too!

    Julia, I LOVE color as you can see. Google has been a lifesaver many times for me too.

    Cat, thank you for the complements. I enjoy following you blog and your beautiful photos are inspiring.

    Julie, tulips and hydrangeas are my favorite flowers. I can tell you love them too. It makes my day when people in my neighborhood complement my gardens. I have thouroughly enjoyed following your blog.