Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reminicing About Paradise-Part 2

If I can't be in Hawaii, I might as well reminice about it. This post is part 2 of my 20th anniversary vacation on the beautiful Hawaiian islands. Like I mentioned in part 1, we (my husband and I) went to the Hawaiian islands almost four years ago. The images on this post are of Maui, Hawaii. We stayed in Kihei, which was actually on the drier side of the island, so there was much more sun and less kind of vacation! This photo was taken our last night on the island. My husband and I drove to this beach and shot these beautiful sunset images. Aaahhh! If I could squish my toes in the warm sand and walk along the beach with my sweetheart again...good memories!

My husband and I discovered this garden when an older couple we were chatting with earlier that morning on our walk, recommended that we visit. I'm so glad we decided to take their advice and see it for ourselves. If we ever make it back to Maui, this will be on our list of places to visit. There was a restaurant on the property that overlooked the gardens, but unfortunately it had just closed after lunch. The next five photos were taken there at Maui Tropical Plantation.

Birds-of-paradise and ginger plants were just a few of the tropical vegetation on the island.

The gardens were like a beautiful park--tropical style!

Don't the burgandy plants look like fire coming out of the ground?

Some of the hibiscus were amazing! Just look at the detail in this flower! Thank goodness I brought my camera along this morning on our many photo opportunities.

One of my husband's co-workers told us about this beach, called Red Sand beach. It was located in the little town of Hana. As you can see, the sand and rock were red. It was a bit of a remote beach. I guess that's why we came upon a few sun-bathers bathing in the nude. Oops! photos of that!

This beach was called Waianpanapa State Park. The unique thing about this area was the black sand beach from the lava rock.

We loved to watch the sunsets at the beach. God has created such beauty on this earth!

There were so many plumeria trees on the island. The trees themselves were not that impressive, but the smell of the flowers was sweet and heavenly.

More plumeria just outside out condo. Plumeria is a common flower used to make beautiful leis in Hawaii.

This was my favorite beach on Maui, called Big Beach. It had warm white sand, a long beach area, and beautiful turquoise water. If you ever have the privilege of visiting Maui, hopefully you will visit some of the sites I've mentioned. Aloha garden friends!


  1. You are a great spokesperson for the islands! We haven't traveled to Hawaii yet but it is definitely on the to-do list. Your shots are captivating!

  2. It's gorgeous Ramona. I would love to be turned loose there with my camera! You've captured so many beautiful images ~ I can imagine how it looks in real life. Hopefully someday I'll find out for myself!!
    We've almost made it thru the winter! Yay! :-)

  3. Cat, you really think I would make a great spokesperson for the Hawaiian islands? You think I could be hired to be a guide? I would love that! Maybe for the months of January and February...all expenses paid. Haha

    Kathleen, you would need about 50 memory cards for all the beautiful photos you could capture! Yay! We have almost made it through another winter. It will be close to 60 degrees tomorrow!

  4. Beautiful photography! Made me feel warmer looking at it- which is very corny to say but also very true in the chilly PA weather I am enduring today!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. If we ever make it back to Maui, I will have to remember these places. My one and only time to Maui was in 1996 and I spent the last day getting motion sickness on the drive up the Road to Hanna in the pouring rain. Ugh! Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Yes, I just planted the Forest Pansy, and then I found out about the better variety of Rebud. Wish I had waited just a bit longer. Oh, well. I do like the Forest Pansy, too, but it does tend to "green out" too soon. As far as the Japanese Maples in our heat, yes, they do tend to tip burn some, but not enough to deter me from growing them. I have so much shade in my backyard that they are very protected.

  6. What a teaser! To see all these beautiful pictures and then look outside where it's raining and raining and raining... I wish Hawaii would be closer to us!

  7. Julie, looking at these pictures does help warm my heart too. Hope you'll have some warmer temps soon. I planted my spring garden today.

    Toni, I survived the drive to Hana too, but I also was a little motion sick. We just made a lot of stops and that helped.

    Tatyana, I too wish Hawaii could be closer. Then I could visit every year in January and February when it's freezing cold here.

  8. Hi Ramona, thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. I was just getting ready to duck off to bed with the clocks going ahead, and figured I should visit and reply right away...Delighted that you were able to plant your spring garden already...I'm afraid SNOW peas would literally be peas in snow here in March!

    Just looking at your photos of 'paradise made spring seem even closer.

  9. Even though spring is here in PA, it was great to visit Hawaii with you. Wish I could do it in person.

  10. Jodi, spring will be here in two days! Yea!!!

    Carolyn, wouldn't it be great to visit Hawaii with all our garden blogging friends?