Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All I Want For Christmas is My Flowers To Be in Bloom!

Because I have enjoyed so many great posts on amaryllis the last couple weeks, I couldn't resist trying my hand at growing some winter-blooming bulbs this year. I didn't have great luck finding a wide variety of bulbs, so I decided to purchase some Paperwhite bulbs as well as 'Apple Blossom' Amaryllis and look for more unique varieties in the future. Kathleen, over at http://www.kaseyskorner.typepad.com/ referred me to a book called Amaryllis-author is Star Ockenga, if you are interested in growing varieties that are a little more unusual.

Paperwhites in a galvanized container. Another great container idea is to plant them in glass cylinder vases like Kathleen did. This helps to keep them more upright. I guess another solution might be to stake them if they flop over and get a little unruly.

Now I wait with anticipation for my bulbs to bloom into beautiful flowers. It is miraculous thing to see such beauty evolve from a simple seed or bulb! Please Grow! Grow! Grow!

I'll keep you posted on the progress of my winter bulb experiment!


  1. It's always a treat to have blooms in the winter. You've inspired me - perhaps I'll have to get in on the act, too. Thanks for stopping by Garden Sense and leaving a nice note!

  2. awww, thank you SO much Ramona for the link love and everything else. You're so nice. I hope your bulbs do amazing. I'm betting the paperwhites will be in bloom by Christmas for sure. I think it took mine two weeks from bulb to bloom? 'Apple Blossom' is a beautiful Amaryllis ~ a great first choice! I have found some good deals on Amaryllis bulbs after Christmas too ~ so if you think you might like more, you could look around then for discounted bulbs. Enjoy the blooms ~ it won't be long!

  3. That is great to know that I should have paperwhite blooms soon. Also thanks for the tip on discounts for amaryllis after Christmas. I will be on the lookout.

  4. You should have paperwhites for Christmas! Mine started to bloom. I'm glad I planted them not all at once! Without any support, my plants look like spiders now. It's a very good idea to plant them in a taller container. I also noticed that the plants stand straight if I don't give them too much water. After watering, they tend to bend. I'll be curious to read about your experience! Good luck and have a happy Holiday Season!