Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Find Ways to Bring the Outside In

I came across this beautiful flower arrangement on a blog called and wanted to share it with you. The flowers are so vivid! You could make this arrangement for your home or for a party. To view this tutorial click here!

If you are like me, I am always trying to find ways to bring the outside elements in. I love to decorate my home with natural organic things (branches, stones, flowers, pine cones, fruit, wood, etc.) I usually like to display fresh fruit in my home. What do you think of my "Limelight" hydrangeas and green apples? I have mostly real plants in my home. I love knowing that I have real, living, breathing plants to enjoy indoors. They certainly require a little more care than fake ones, but I try to choose plants that are low maintenance.


  1. I love the pictures on your blog but I especially love the limelight hydrangeas and apples it is very beautiful the whole decor! Rachel

  2. Thank you for your positive comment. Hope this will give you some inspiration.

  3. Your hydrangeas and apples are beautiful together! Your blog is really nice too. I live just one state over (in Colorado) so maybe we share similar climates??
    Thanks again for faving me on Blotanical.