Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall in Love with Fabulous Fall Color!

For the record, my faaaavorite season in Utah is Fall! When the nights and mornings have a nip in the air, I know that Fall is right around the corner. 'Mother Nature' has one more time to show her glory in plants. This is why I am sooo passionate about gardening! When I walk outside, I want to absorb all the beauty. It is truly therapy for me. Take time to appreciate God's handiwork all around you this Fall season.

This flower is an Aster. Fortunately it is a fall perennial here so it will return each year.
O.K., you know you are a plant fanatic when you choose to visit a garden nursery for date night! My husband and I visited Engh gardens (in Sandy) one evening and discovered all these beautiful fall containers and fall flowers last year. Maybe they will give you some inspiration to compose a fall container or plant some fall blooming plants this year.

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