Friday, August 27, 2010

Five Reasons to Garden

1. It's important to learn to store your food to be more self-reliant.
2. Fruits and vegetables taste much better.
3. You can grow different varieties and pick them fresher.
4. You can grow without using pesticides.
5. You can teach the joy of gardening by involving your children and friends.

Aren't these vegetables a "feast" for your eyes, and they taste so delicious!

I think if you were going to plant one vegetable in your garden, it should be tomatoes. The flavor doesn't even compare to the tasteless tomatoes in the grocery store. The tomatoes in the basket are Roma (Viva Italia), Early Girl, & Golden Girl (which is my personal favorite, but is difficult to find now).

A few years ago, my husband and I opted to install raised garden beds for our vegetable garden and herbs. One of the best advantages to this system is that you can fill your beds with rich organic soil right from the beginning instead on spending years ammending the soil you currently have. Our soil in Utah is generally low in organic matter and needs a lot of ammending. Also the soil warms earlier and freezes later during the growing season. With raised garden beds you can connect them with your irrigation system to water them separately from your lawn. One other plug for gardening with raised beds is that it is easier on your back, especially when you are pulling those few weeds and harvesting.

These onions are Walla Walla onions that I grew in my garden.


  1. nice pictures and i totally agree with all the reasons you have to garden. especially the bonding it creates for the family. recently, i installed our pergola with my kids. we had a great time and the pergola looks great.

  2. Beautiful raised beds...I love the color in your vegetable garden, especially how you planted flowers inside the concrete blocks. I agree, there is nothing better than a home-grown tomato!

  3. Definitely on the tomatoes! I love 'Walla Walla' onions, too -- what a gorgeous set of harvest photos and excellent goals.

    I'd love it if you'd consider submitting a post about a recommended food or ornamental plant for the next issue of How to Find Great Plants. Here's the link:

    If you don't have time to write a new one you can submit one you've already written.

  4. Nice to find someone else who has as strong an interest in veg as I have -- I mean, as opposed to flowers. Most of the blogs I know seem to focus primarily on the decorative aspects of gardening, but I prefer the edible ones! I also fully support your "Five points of gardening"!